Membership of Golden Thread Grove Church

How do I become a Member of GTG?

Membership forms are available in the Church. Each individual must complete a form, including the first month’s tithe, to be eligible for benefits.  Minor children of the Members are eligible for awards if they participate in youth programs or other Church activities. There is no additional tithe required for a Member’s minor children.

It is possible for you to join the ATC online and tithe there, but please be aware that online membership in the ATC is not the same as being a member of GTG. Membership in GTG requires local forms, tithing and participation.

All questions regarding membership and tithing must be addressed with the High Priestess, Jeanine Lesniak.

How does Tithing work?

Our Church year runs from September through August. The minimum tithe for an individual is $120 per year, which most Members find convenient to pay in increments of $10 per month. Tithing envelopes are included in the Offering  Basket passed during Tuesday services. Tithes paid through the month of August are applied to the passing year. Tithes paid from September 1 forward are applied to the new year. If the entire new year’s tithe is paid in advance during September, it is just $100.  Members who join after the start of a new year may pro-rate their yearly tithe to $10 per month of membership. These are minimum requirements. A Member can always contribute more. If a Member gives $240 ($200 if paid in advance in September) or more during any given Church year, he/she will be recognized as a Sponsoring Member at the Anniversary.

What are the benefits of joining Golden Thread Grove Church?

1.  Alignment with the oldest and largest local Wiccan Church, with access to advanced teachings and initiations, friends, opportunities for service, personal mentors and more.

2. Affiliation with the international Aquarian Tabernacle Church of Wicca. All Degrees, service, initiations, tithing and other contributions you make at GTG will be recognized by the ATC and its Affiliates so if you ever move to a different area, your training and service records will transfer with you.

3. Library Membership. All Members of GTG are automatically enrolled in our library program. You may check out books, DVD’s, CD’s, tapes, Tarot & Oracle Decks, etc. Non-members have no library access.

4. Year-and-a-Day Seeker training through the Threads of Wisdom Cards & eligibility for advancement, subject to additional requirements.

5. A Cord, Membership Card and yearly recognition & tokens.

6. Membership in a Guild of your choice  through which to learn, make a positive demonstration and serve.

7. Increasing participation in rituals, offsite events, planning and more.

Membership Application Form

Membership Renewal Form

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