The Guilds at Golden Thread Grove Church

When you officially join GTG, the membership form will ask if you want to join a Guild. You may choose a Guild, or defer the choice for another time. 

The GTG Guilds are:

maintaining the space of the library, processing donations, keeping records and handling the check-out procedures.
Directors: Jeanne and Jordan

sending cards, flowers & gifts for Member’s rites of passage and coordinating monthly birthday treats in Church. Director: Heather

maintaining the Church space and bathroom, coordinating altar set-ups and replenishing supplies for Tuesdays.
Director: Loralai

taking photos and video, collecting memorabilia, journaling, scrapbooking and keeping accurate lists of event  participants for awards.
Directors: Jen and Eric

helping with design and distribution of online and hard copy calendars, fliers, advertisements, newsletters and announcements.
Director: Jeanine

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