Our History & Beliefs

History of Golden Thread Grove Church

Golden Thread Grove Church-ATC was started by Rev. Jeanine Lesniak, HPs and Rev. Jon Lesniak, HP in the year 2000 to fill the community’s need for an organization where trained, initiated and ordained Wiccan clergy could offer traditional services, counseling, rites of passage, weddings, etc., and could also train new clergy and bring students up through the Wiccan Degree system.


In addition to these functions, Golden Thread Grove Church-ATCcontinues to offer the annual Goddess Fest event, to provide services to inmates in all the jails and prisons in Ada and Canyon Counties, to present weekly services open to the public, to put on a yearly public Samhain Ritual Drama and to represent the Wicca and the international Aquarian Tabernacle Church through education via the news media, public appearances, open Sabbats, classes and so on. We are an excited, active, growing group of individuals who put Spirit first in our lives, seek wisdom, knowledge and personal evolution, offer service to the community and at all times strive to uphold the Wiccan Rede: “An it harm none, do as thou wilt.”

Our Community

Golden Thread Grove Church is an open Circle, and we learn through stories, myths, songs, dances, oracles, demonstrations, dramas, rituals and experiences rather than sermons and/or lectures. Our name, Golden Thread Grove (GTG) is drawn from all the myths and verses about the Golden Thread that binds us together and provides continuity to our human existence. The Golden Thread represents all the things we have in common with each other and all who’ve ever lived and ever will live. It is the Thread of Truth that runs through all the stories of the ancients and is still true today. The Golden Threadspeaks to the interconnectedness and oneness of all living beings.

Golden Thread Grove Church-ATC is a local charter member of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, a worldwide Wiccan organization that supports the practice of Wicca and promotes education of the public as to the true nature of our religion. 

Our Beliefs

Golden Thread Grove Church-ATC   holds these beliefs:

We believe in Spirit and magick.

We hold basic Wiccan beliefs in a Goddess and a God, the inherent divinity of every person, the sacredness of all life and the ecological & magickal implications and ethics present in all Nature-based spirituality.

While, as divine children of the great Goddess and God every person has equal access to deity, we also respect the guidance of experienced, initiated teachers and leaders.

We celebrate the life-death-life cycle and we know that we have many lifetimes in which to explore & evolve spiritually.

We promote whole and balanced relationships with ourselves, with deity, with Nature, with ancestral lineage and in all our interactions.

We believe all of the ancient mysteries and magicks are hidden in the myths, legends, songs, art and dances of the past and will show themselves to those who seek in wisdom.

We are ever mindful of the principles of “perfect love and perfect trust”,  “harm none” and the karmic law of threefold return.

We honor all spiritual paths and use the myths and magicks of other paths to enhance and expand our own.

We honor love in all its healthy and life-affirming forms. 

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